When it comes to conversion, the quality of inventory is just as important as reach.
Our own premium publisher network ensures that your ad will reach the right audience at the right time.


The success of your ad campaigns is determined by not only your message, but whether you have meaningful exposure on targeted and highly trafficked web properties. With our comprehensive online advertising solutions, your content will reach large, specific audiences on the relevant web properties and blogs that interest them. We can target and retarget your audience based on current and past online behavior in addition to standard segmentation. Our synergetic publisher network, online advertising solutions, and social media tools will drive real results for your marketing campaigns.


Our premium partnerships with online publishers enable you to connect with fresh, high-quality, and affordable audiences. Now, more than ever, it is important for brands to understand exactly what value publishers are providing. By working directly with publishers, you will maintain a high level of transparency to control, track, and measure your online budget and revenues. In a fast-moving, multi-screen world, insights are a powerful and essential tool.


Your aim as an advertising professional is to launch cost-effective campaigns that result in high advertising ROI. In a highly competitive market, this can be a daunting task. Especially when you aim to reach large, unique, and relevant audiences to maximize your revenues while protecting your brand reputation. Our platform empowers you to create profitable connections between your brands and audiences. You will be able to tap into unique traffic sources that your competitors are missing. And retargeting is not only a buzz word: your ROI is a direct result of your ability to reconnect with your readers and bring them back to convert.


Online branding is central not only to the success of your business, but to its continuity and relevance in today’s consumer environment. Our solutions are designed to achieve high-volume branding and visibility. We provide tools for brand development and enhancing engagement around your brand. With exposure to lost visitors, brand awareness is solidified even as brand loyalty and credibility increases.


At Quality Social Targeting we believe that every client is unique. Our professional marketing team will customize an advertising campaign to meet your specific branding or on-the-spot conversion goals. You will work together with our full-support technological and social media team to create integrated marketing campaigns that meet your specific goals. Ad formats, sizes, and placements can be customized to fit your brand and preferences.


Quality Social Targeting offers the perfect technological solutions for achieving maximum and effective reach for your brand or product. Specific technologies optimize affinity, awareness, and purchase opportunity. Our platform allows you to connect with mobile audiences on the go, just when they are ready to take action. You can convert even more of your mobile audience via our mobile partners. And you will want to take advantage of the fast-growing on-line video advertising opportunities for your business.

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